Clarifying Your Focus

A Guided Process for Actualizing Your Highest Potential

The seeds of what you long to create are waiting to be activated within you.
Your true potential is just waiting to be uncovered and ignited.

What if this year could be your turning point?
What if this is the year where you step out of living in the fog of confusion into the clarity and courage to live from your highest potential.

Clarifying Your Focus is a unique and powerful process unlike anything you’ve ever done before. It is a series of 7 sessions which will align you with what you’re truly yearning to experience, feel and do in life. I will be the guide at your side who assists you in cultivating the mindset, attitude, and focus to ignite your dreams into reality by teaching your mind to become a powerful ally rather than a saboteur of your dreams.

Going through the structure of the 7 sessions supports you in making the shift into what’s possible (but exists only as a dream) and then actualizing it in reality. This process is very pragmatic and practical (left brain) as well as imaginative and creative (right brain) and dances between utilizing the subconscious and conscious mind for the most powerful outcome. By the end of 7 sessions you will have a clear map of as well as audio meditations which communicate directly with your subconscious mind and support you in moving forward.

Your investment in you is $1799

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Dear Lisa,

It’s amazing! I have been on a deep transformational journey for the past 4 years and I was getting tired of the struggle. I knew I was on the right track but I had some blocks that I just couldnt shake, and focus was one of them. Having your guided support gave me more hope to know that I can complete this journey. My consciousness has shifted in so many ways. I was able to feel free and open and very safe in the haven you provided while you helped me organize my goals and aspirations. Your loving nature has encouraged me to pick myself up and try again and to know that this is my turning point while showing me the path forward.

Thank you, Thank you!

I lost everything in the Lahaina fire and Lisa’s compassion, care and guidance has helped me open back up to gratitude, love and possibility and connect me with what my passions are in life.  Lisa cares in a way that feels uniquely soft and supportive which helped me to bring down the walls around my heart so I could feel again and begin to create a future full of my hearts dreams and passions.  The coaching program boiled on each previous weeks work, creating a seamless progression that leads to a natural flow of letting go of old patterns while creating a new and healthy reality.   Door have already begun to open for me in terms of a new profession which has been an area of interest of mine for many years.  I am so incredibly grateful for these Clarifying Your Focus sessions as I’m now ready to take off on a new path with new winds under my wings.

With Aloha Always,
Tanja Miller


Lisa Cary
Immersive Coaching
Clarifying Your Focus


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